Entrance bundle for photogrammetric mapping

Our SAM.XS is the entrance bundle for photogrammetric mapping at a limited budget without any compromises in quality and accuracy. It is designed for the use in small aircrafts with a small hole or an outdoor installation (cargo box). It works with a sub-meter GNSS device to provide Exif information to the images and is used for navigation with AeroTopoL that generates report files.

The image capture software iX-Capture is installed on a notebook and AeroTopoL is running there as mission planning and flight management software. The included pilot screen enables a precise mission navigation.


PhaseOne iXM 100 aerial camera, 100 MPix with a 80 mm RSM lens (other lenses optional)


AeroNav GPS is a carrier phase smoothed GNSS Receiver at 10 HZ refresh rate and sub-meter accuracy


AeroTopoL Mission Planning and Flight management software


Notebook with iX Capture, AeroTopoL and 7″ Pilot Screen

Bundle Price: 60.700 €

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