Full Waveform Analysis

Airborne Laser Scanners with full waveform capability digitize the waveform of the echo signal for every emitted laser pulse.

RiANALYZE applies the so-called Full Waveform Analysis to the digitized echo signals provided by the laser scanner and additionally transforms the geometry data (i.e., range and scan angle) into Cartesian coordinates. Thus RiANALYZE converts the digitized echo signal data to data compatible with conventional airborne laser data processing packages for further processing.

The output is a point cloud in the well-defined Scanner’s Own Coordinate System (SOCS) with additional descriptors for every point, e.g., a precise time stamp, the echo signal intensity, the echo pulse width, a classification according to first, second, up to last target.

Additionally, RiANALYZE is smoothly integrated into the project-oriented processing software RiPROCESS via the application RiSERVER.

RiANALYZE Main Features

  • full waveform analysis of digitized echo signals acquired by RIEGL LMS-Q560, LMS-Q680(i), LMS-Q780, LMS-Q1560, VQ-780i, VQ-780 II, VQ-1560i, and VQ-1560 II

  • extraction of an unlimited number of targets

  • coordinate transformation into the scanner’s own 3D coordinate system

  • enhanced performance using NVIDIA® GPUs, more than 10 times faster processing

RiANALYZE Data Sheet

Here you can download the data sheet as a PDF file.

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