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Phase One iXM

The iXM 100MP and iXM 50MP are high-productivity metric cameras with a range of specially designed RSM lenses. The iXM cameras are ready for easy integration with a wide range of UAV platforms. It is now becoming the preferred method for collecting high-end aerial data. Besides that, also Multi-Camera solutions as 5 band or Oblique systems (Link to OIS) profit from the iXM series. The cameras deliver superior quality aerial imaging and flexible operation to satisfy diverse mapping, surveying, and inspection applications.

Phase One iXM-RS150F

The iXM-RS150F enables increased productivity for a range of aerial image acquisition projects as it provides wider aerial coverage compared to previous generations of Phase One’s cameras. With its ultra-high resolution (14204 x 10652) and the backside-illuminated sensor, it enables perfect image quality, even in low light conditions.

Phase One iXM-RS280F

Phase One iXM-RS 280F is a dual lens metric camera, with 90mm lenses for capturing RGB information, and providing superior image quality. The iXM-RS 280F camera generates central projection image from two 150MP nadir images with equal ground resolution.

Phase One 4-Band Solution

Applications like crop analysis, vegetation health and city observation for green site monitoring demand the combination of NIR and RGB aerial imagery. Phase One has developed a fully automatic solution for capturing and processing 4-Band Imagery, using two high resolution Phase One aerial cameras.

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