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Our products combine many years of know-how with precise crafts – manship and compliance with existing standards. As reliable integration partner, GGS uses high-resolution and special sensors for multi-scale applications. We do business with engineering professionals, municipalities, universities, environmental authorities, cultural heritage and city planners.

All-in-One solutions for the industry

Our unparalleled variety of sensors enable our customers to realize even challenging flight missions. GGS offers a field-approved mission planning software together with a flight management to support pilots dur- ing their missions. And since aerial vehicles differ in size and dimensions, we provide specific adjustment techniques to fit the surveying devices to be airborne. From basic start-up level up to complex high-end solutions – our customers keep control of their budget due to our network of selected suppliers. GGS sensor solutions can be upgraded at any time after their delivery in sturdy transport boxes.

Customized solutions for your business

Aerial survey technology must be in line with end users’ demands. Therefore, GGS has developed excellence in customized solutions re- quired for non-standard specifications. Our team at GGS GmbH can rely on an R&D background, a creative mindset and a close communication routine with our customers.

Best Practices
For Your Business

  • research assistance or technical and scientific steering of a research project

  • project-related system development, e. g. step-by-step system design resulting in validation or modification

  • a turnkey solution of a specific sensor concept

  • purpose-built setups of camera mountings for customized applications and fitting requirements

  • customized mechanical designs, e. g. specific mounts for use in aircrafts

  • development and further sensor adaption, e. g. GPS/INS and geo data management

  • CAD designs for your customers
  • CAM / machining (milling and 3D printing)
  • software development of sensor control and data

  • electric adjustments and enhancements, e. g. smart power supplies

  • tailor-made software tools for mission planning and flight management

  • electronic components for data and sensor control, signal processing and conversion

  • customized sensor development

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