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Our products combine many years of know-how with precise crafts – manship and compliance with existing standards. As reliable integration partner, GGS uses high-resolution and special sensors for multi-scale applications. We do business with engineering professionals, municipalities, universities, environmental authorities, cultural heritage and city planners.

Aerial Cameras

Mid-format technology, specifically designed for the photogrammetric airborne market, resolutions starting from 50 up to 150 megapixels, 23 – 240 mm focal length, daisy chain compatible, leaf shutter with up to 1/2500 sec. (guaranteed: 500,000 shots), metric calibration, capture rates of up to 2 fps, CMOS technology, multi-spectral options, light-sensitive sensors, interfaces are industrial standard, highly compact and lightweight design, UAV approved, interface to GNSS/INS, computer-aided camera control, standalone or integrated applications.

Oblique Imaging Systems (OIS)

The GGS Oblique Imaging systems provide the ability to see multiple aerial views of any location (e. g. cities, coasts, cultural landmarks and train tracks). Employing up to seven separate digital cameras to capture nadir (straight-down) and oblique imagery views, the GGS oblique imaging system delivers comprehensive data for applications which require the ability to view, measure and analyze all sides of a structure or ground feature. The geo-referenced, oblique aerial photography enables the end-user to accurately view, analyze and utilize the captured data effectively.

GNSS Devices | Camera Interfaces

AeroNav GPS is an entrance level device for mission navigation and camera control based on c/a coded L1 smoothed GPS receivers that support refresh rates of 10 Hz. This enables precise navigation for accurate aerial imaging. A bi-directional RS232 communication with AeroTopoL FMS supports camera release and camera event management.

In addition to the GPS, AeroNav Vector includes a high quality GPS Vector board that enables true heading determination of the aircraft at a 10 Hz refresh rate. Our AeroNav INS combines GNSS positioning and attitude measurements.

AeroMCC is a patented multi camera interface that can trigger up to 5 cameras simultaneously by galvanic separation or sequentially by 200 or 400 msec delay. Thus, a single port GNSS event can be used to detect the projection centers of each camera.

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