The best in class sensor available on the market

Mapping cities in 3D, capturing 4 band data as the classical mapping systems, monitoring the environment using NDVI, CIR and thermal data in one mission, the OIS XL++ is the best in class sensor available on the market.

OIS-XL++ is our best OIS plus two add ons:

Beside the already in the XL setup integrated 880 MPX camera setup, we integrate 2 other nadir sensors. An achromatic for the NIR band enabled camera that captures with 100 MP and a 50 mm Lens images in the NIR band to provide the processing of CIR, NDVI and NIR data for vegetation monitoring. That way it is a compatible with the iXMRS280 4 band solution. For 3D City models it can help to model or remove the vegetation in the processing pipeline. As a second sensor we provide a dual head thermal camera system to capture thermal data that can be used for environmental analysis and heat loss analysis or the selection of hot-spots e.g. for areas usable for solar energy.

OIS-XL++ Technical Specifications

Here you can download all technical specifications as PDF files.

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