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Whether you search for an entrance level solution for smaller projects or a high end big format system for wide area mapping with 4 bands, we provide the right solution for your projects. You need assistance in the installation or to have an adjusted system for you application?

Our team of engineers is happy to adjust the system for your needs. You want to start with an entry level solution and have a path to upgrade the system after then? We are your partner to grow and develop your business. You need assistance with the first projects, training, and consulting? We provide both. Just name it and we assist.

SAM – Overview

SAM makes use of different PhaseOne cameras between 100 and 280 MP and combines them to a turnkey solution with GNSS-INS, Stabilizer, mission planning and flight management. The different sensors enable a good priced entrance level as well as high end productive combinations. The use of photogrammetric mapping as an all in one solution for a limited budget without any compromises in quality and performance. The combination with an NIR sensitive camera widens the field of use especially for environmental monitoring.

The Camera Models

AeroNav GNSS

AeroNav GNSS is an entrance level device for mission navigation and camera control based on a fast GNSS receivers. This multi GNSS receiver enables precise navigation for accurate aerial imaging. A bi-directional RS232 communication with AeroTopoL FMS supports camera trigger and camera event management.


AeroNav GNSS is an entrance level device for mission navigation and camera control based on a fast GNSS AeroStab S is a full compensating 3 axis stabilizer that uses a combined GNSS-INS. It keeps your camera nadir viewing and compensates drift at two modes including planned track.


AeroStab M is the bigger full compensating 3 axis stabilizer with bigger hole and bigger payload. The GNSS is the same type as on the AeroNav products but combined with MEMS gyros and accelerometers with internally Kalman-filtered attitude calculation.


AeroTopoL is the only operational GIS-based Mission Planning and Flight Management System on the market. Beside full GIS functionality, it uses a Wizard to guide user-friendly through the different planning and navigation features.


In order to improve the direct referencing accuracy, we offer four types of Applanix GNSS-INS solutions that can be combined with our SAM Products. We offer these bundles with the right cables and interfaces for a complete ready to use package.

Our Services


All SAM-bundles include geometric calibration. We perform a mission in two altitudes over a test site and calculate the calibration with Bingo. You receive an entire calibration certificate to be used in most processing software packages. In the case you combine also an external GNSS-INS, we can help you with the entire system calibration including lever angles and bore-side values for a perfect direct orientation.


All SAM bundles include a 4 days onsite training, you just pay for the travel and accommodation. Our team has specialist to assist in the installation, prepare the mission, show you the handling of cameras and devices and demonstrate you the image processing and the post-processing of the GNSS-INS data. Additional days are calculated with 650 €/day.

Consulting and Support

You want to increase your portfolio but are not familiar with some new applications. We have a wide field of expertise and many partners working in specific projects. We are happy to assist with our network to help you with your innovative projects.


You want to develop your business and plan to start with a limited budget? Our products are designed to grow with your business. There is always a path to upgrade your equipment – a sustainable way in modern business.


You need special adaptations? Some basic mounting plate or specific shock absorbers? We can prepare in our electronic and CNC lab the needs for a smooth and optimal installation. Just name it, we are happy to assist. You may also need for specific missions adjusted camera setups e.g. lenses, filters, 5 band systems – we have the experience to design the system for you. Maybe you already have some equipment and you want to combine it or enhance an existing system. We have experiences in multi sensor systems and are able also to integrate LiDAR, Thermal cameras and other sensors.

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