Perfect bundle for Photogrammetric and environmental mapping of bigger areas

Our SAM.M is the perfect bundle for Photogrammetric and environmental mapping of bigger areas in high quality, accuracy, and excellent performance. SAM-M works with a gyro stabilized mount and captures images with a first pre-orientation. Also designed for aircrafts with limited space, it makes us of a sub-meter GNSS device to provide Exif information to the images and INS data with

0.2 degree resolution. This is also used for navigation with AeroTopoL and to generate report files with XYZ, Omega, Phi and Kappa values.

The image capture software iX-Capture is installed on the iX Controller with big data storage. AeroTopoL is running there as Mission Planning and Flight Management software. The included pilot screen enables a precise mission navigation.


PhaseOne iXM RS 150 aerial camera, 150 MPix with a 70 mm RSM lens (other lenses optional)


AeroStab-S which includes a carrier phase smoothed GNSS Receiver at 10 HZ refresh rate and sub-meter accuracy as well as INS


AeroTopoL Mission Planning and Flight management software


iX-Controller  with iX Capture, AeroTopoL and an Operator plus 7″ Pilot Screen


Onsite Training and Camera lens calibration

Bundle Price: 135.800 €

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