Bigger full compensating 3 axis stabilizer 

AeroStab M is the bigger full compensating 3 axis stabilizer with bigger hole and bigger payload. The GNSS is the same type as on the AeroNav products but combined with MEMS gyros and accelerometers with internally Kalman-filtered attitude calculation. AeroStab-M is a fast compensating and can run in three modes, depending on the sensitivity of the aircraft. The bi-directional RS232 communication with AeroTopoL FMS supports came- ra trigger and camera event management as well as control of all stabilizer functions in AeroTopoL and writing report files with all orientation parameters.

Release of an aerial camera using electronic trigger switch

Determining the event signal of the camera on an open collector

Event-based positioning with a 1/100-sec accuracy and output of aircraft and camera attitudes

Roll and Pitch at an accuracy of 03° Roll and pitch and 0.2° for heading/yaw

AEROStAb-M Technical Specifications

Correction limits
Roll/Pitch: +- 13°

Heading: +- 30°

Correction speed (rapid-mode)
Roll/Pitch: 13°/sec

Heading: 16°/sec 
3 dymaic scenarios available

Weight & Dimension
Total weight: 26 kg

Width platform: 488 x 488 mm
Height platform: 259 mm
Hole diameter: 244 mm Preload: 250 N ~ 12 kg

22-28 V DC

Typically: 2 A @ 24V
Min.: 1.4 @ 24V

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