Entrance system for 3D modelling and mapping

The Oblique Imaging System OIS-S is the entrance system for 3D modelling and mapping. It integrates 5 Canon 5DSR (5*50 MPIX) cameras equipped with Zeiss Milvus 1.4/85 mm lenses. Zeiss Milvus is the best available lens for this camera. Its focal length enables high flight altitudes – even with detailed GSD up to 6 cm.

Smart shooter software

The OIS smart shooter software controls image exposure and storage procedures on all 5 cameras enabling a capture rate of 0.9 fps. The cameras are mounted extremely close to provide low vignetting by the camera hatch.


All components are designed for mapping in a moderate resolution between 5 and 10 cm. The cameras’ tilt angles can be modified between 30 and 45 degrees. The complete system is delivered with a calibration certificate. The system is defined as semi-metric due to the focal plane shutter technology.

Use of patented MCC device

OIS-S makes use of our patented MCC device to guarantee a desynchronized event-based registration of the exposure centers with any of our GNSS-INS devices. For writing Exif information we use or new AeroCamTag to store GPS and time inside the imagefiles.

Smooth workflow

The AeroStab-XL gyro stabilized mount is able to host the OIS-S. Our AeroTopoL FMS is perfectly designed for this camera setup and combined with our AeroDiDOS GNSS-INS to generate directly referenced data for a smooth workflow.

What you get

What you get is a reasonable, good priced system for mapping, generating 3D city models, for surveillance, web applications and simulation activities!

OIS-S Product Pictures

OIS-S Technical Specifications

Here you can download all technical specifications as PDF files.

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